Saviours of the Vale

Through valour and arcane might, you have broken the tyrant’s hold on the land. The people speak your names with reverence, and the name of the Traveling Coin is spreading as fast as merchant caravans can trundle across the countryside.

Though you have done much for the people of the vale, not all of their troubles have been resolved. The mercenaries who survived the assault the on the Castle have scattered to the winds. Most have begun to return home, but on their journey they are taking every opportunity to seize their unpaid wages from whoever is unlucky enough to cross their path. Without a strong military presence, brigands of all stripes, creatures from the forest’s depths, and unholy denizens of the deep earth are pushing into the vale to seize what they can.

Meanwhile, the curse-afflicted Jin is rapidly losing his flesh and his will to the necrotic magic of the Phylactery Ring found in the lich’s lair. A cure for this evil must be urgently sought out before his soul is consumed by the curse, and unleashes whatever malevolent being is driving the corruption. Perhaps you may find some clarity in the keep’s library…

The Cursed Ring

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