Hand of the Lich

In the ruins of Dal Nystere, after destroying the undead wizard who had taken up occupancy, Jin donned a ring found in a chest.

The ring, unsurprisingly, was cursed. Subsequently, so is Jin.

With more pressing matters holding their attention, the party allows the curse to remain until they have defeated Nazin and his thugs.

After Nazin’s fall, Jin turns his attention to removing the curse. The party (or at least, Jin, Content Not Found: wan and Kaedwen) scoured the library in the keep for clues. They found a spell, instructions for same, and many mentions of an ancient archmage who spent centuries hunting the undead, necromancers and liches.

They retrieved the Dragon’s Quartz from a young white dragon (who was protected by a troll dragon-priest).

The Warlock’s Focus was obtained diplomatically from Kendal Blackmantle in the western woods, despite Wan’s serious lapses in social behaviour.

All that remains for the spell is to locate a library of necromancy, to inscribe the symbols onto Jin’s skin, and to cast the spell.

Hand of the Lich

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