Phylactery Ring

A featureless silver ring bound with necrotic magic.


The Phylactery Ring appears to be a simple silver band without any special adornments. It is brightly polished and reflects its surroundings quite clearly. It is, however, is a powerful artefact of an ancient lich. On closer inspection, even an untrained eye will quickly note that while the environment is reflected quite clearly, their own reflection shows only their bare skeleton, and black eyes.

Casting detect magic will allow someone to clearly see that the object is magical in nature. A thorough investigation by anyone with adequate knowledge of Arcana or Religion would reveal that there was a curse on the ring, and that it was somehow related to undeath. Detect Evil reveals this artefact to be profoundly evil.

The curse is triggered by placing the ring upon a finger. Once worn, the ring cannot be removed by mundane means. The cruse progresses slowly, sloughing the skin off the bones of the wearer. The enormous power of the curse causes the wearer to appear Evil and Undead to anything that can detect that alignment. All spells will treat the wearer as Evil and Undead. (This does not grant immunity to critical hits)

The skeletal hand twists and corrupts spells cast by the wearer.

Other effects:
+4 intimidate
-4 all other charisma skills


Picked up by Jin.. now being worn.

Curse is at Stage 3

Phylactery Ring

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