Ancient scrap of paper

An ancient scrap of paper from a powerful mage's spellbook.


A page from an ancient spell book, claimed by its container to have belonged to a powerful archmage centuries past. Long years and a difficult life have left most of the book destroyed beyond repair, but some luck (or, perhaps, some magical protection) has preserved this last remnant. Still, age shows. It is damaged from exposure, from wear, and from fire.

The incantation it describes is miraculously intact, the full requirements are listed in runes around the design.

On the reverse side, previous researchers note the meanings of the runes and the required components for the spells.

The last entrant of the second hand shows fear, something dangerous waits at the end of this spell, more than a single mage could contest…


Reagents required, per the notes on the back:

  • A dragon’s prize treasure
  • A Warlock’s focus
  • A Necromancer’s library

The spell’s runes and designs must be inscribed into the skin of the victim.

Ancient scrap of paper

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