The Cursed Ring

Wizards Journal

Entry 1

It looks more and more likely that I may keep my mind sovereign after all.

Our party has found modest lodging in Harken, where we rest before the final leg of our journey to remove the Phylactery ring from my finger. While there is no question of my intelligence, I am beginning to wonder if I lack caution and wisdom in judgement. No doubt, other members of the travelling coin have begun to question this as well. I fear the ring has loosened my sharpness of mind, and is now laying claim to my decisions on the most subtle level. It is important that our future choices are made well knowing that my decision making may be compromised. Fortunately, our luck of late was not all bad.

After discussion with Wendolyn regarding the nature of the ring, as well as some research in the libraries of the keep, we were able to obtain ancient scrap of paper; cryptically detailing the means to extract the Lich from the Phylactery ring. The reagents required were as follows:
A dragon’s prize treasure
A Warlock’s focus
A Necromancer’s library

While I was not entirely convinced that this was a working solution, it was our best lead so far. The group and I agreed it would be best to pursue these leads, as they would prove to be better than nothing, and epecially better than losing my mind. Wendolyn spoke of the Druid we had met with before our business with the Iron Circle, informing us that is where we might gain more information on the whereabouts of a dragon, as well as where we might find a Warlock to the west. We set out to the Druid grove first.

I must admit, while I have some distrust for Wan after our parting ways, it seems good to have him back. He’s still his old self, pushing his luck, getting into trouble. He’s certainly an odd bird, but he will fit in well with the Travelling Coin. Where he doesn’t fit in, is with Druids. While at the Druid grove, Wan most certainly thought that making sexual passes at an all powerful Druid would be a wise choice.. She was not impressed, and he got a piece of her mind via the visit of a Crow. A real charmer, he is – it might be best to leave him in Harken next time we venture there…

In any case, the Druid pointed us in the direction of a white dragon, one that would likely have some valued treasure we sorely needed to lift the curse. Knowledge in hand, we ventured east to the Briar hills. After finding some tracks, we eventually found our way to the mouth of a cave inhabited by a troll. Worth noting, this troll was a bit curious of a fellow – he wore all dragon scale garb, but seemed to be in cohabitation with the dragon itself. I only know this because shortly after we made work of the troll, the dragon decided to join us at the cave entrance as well. We made what I consider to be short work of both the troll and the dragon. It was a massacre in two parts: The first part was a wonderful synergy between Wan and myself wherein I would cover things in grease, and Wan would light everything on fire. The second part is where the beast of a man we travel with, Kaeden, would run through the fire with zero regard for self preservation, and smash the skulls of everything in his path. Magnificent.

We spent some time recovering at the cave and collecting the Dragons belongings before heading back west to track down the warlock we had learned of earlier. After a couple days of travelling, we arrived at the edge of Harken forest. In an attempt to be cautious, we opted to sleep in shifts. This turned out poorly. For a man with Psychic powers, you’d be surprised how badly Wan can drop the ball: While on watch, a group of kobolds raided our camp – sneaking up on Wan and knocking him and the rest of us unconscious. They dragged us to their camp in the woods and tied us to a tree (only after derobing us and throwing all our gear into a pile across the camp). When I awoke, Wan, Kaedan, and I were completely bound. I managed to slip one hand free from the knot (Kobolds apparently tie shitty knots, as this isn’t exactly my area of expertise). With my liberated hand, I managed to get myself untied. First order of business: Control the camp. I cast Web on everything, holding most of our foes in place. Not unlike most of my decisions of late; this was short sighted. Due to a nearby campfire, the web ignited, spreading the fire quickly across the camp and towards our gear… and most importantly: my spell book. Panicking, my mind raced… Losing my spellbook would be awful (I have yet to copy my spells down anywhere as backup!). I teleported to our belongings and collected what I could hold as fast as possible. Before I could get away safely, one of the bastards pinned me to the ground. I struggled to get away but ultimately had to teleport out from under him to escape (not before the prick got a cheap shot in on me though). It was only a few more axe swings on behalf of Kaeden before were “out of the woods”, so to speak. I managed to recover the important bits, including Wans clothing – which he chose to burn anyways… for reasons I may never fully understand.

Naked, and covered with soot and shame, we hobbled the rest of the way to the Warlocks tower. After repeated attempts at convincing the Warlock to let us in, he reluctantly did so (given Wan put a robe over his manhood). The robe had a skull, a badass skull, but Wan waited at the door anyway like a sissy. I wandered with less caution that was likely wise, into the tower and up a ladder into the Warlocks study. After some discussion regarding the nature of the Phylactery ring and its cursed effect, he parted with his focus for 500 gold. I sincerely hope that I was not duped, else we will be coming back to that tower to have a word with him (if he’s still even there). He bid us farewell, and we set back to Harken – where I sit here writing this entry of our latest travels.

Now I must rest, for the road ahead to the south may be one of the final roads I travel. I hope the wisdom and strength of our troupe proves enough to lift the curse of the ring.



Wizards Journal
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