The Cursed Ring

<DAY 35438>

i'm loving it

A Keep Restored, librarian antics, dark minds and dark arts.

The Travelling Coin… it does have a nice ring to it. I’ve met an old friend, Jin the wizard. The last time I saw him we were both covered in bodies, results of a betrayal from within our own companions. His new companions have freed this vale from the vile grip of one tyrant, though danger is rushing in from all sides to fill the void he has left. The Travelling Coin consists of Kaedwen, a half-giant with psychic endowment almost as big as his axe, Jin and two others I have yet to meet. Jin has become remarkably adept with the arcane. Sadly, he still seems to be the same trusting fool.

On this occasion he has cursed himself with the phylactery of a lich and is slowly becoming possessed! Learning this cost me an undead headache, quickly dispelled with the help of the librarian. LBRRN set us up with some knowledge about the Elven ruins…


JamesBurke TomMcDonald

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