The Cursed Ring

<DAY 35445>

De-Crypting The Ring

Cerebral Celebration and Roasted Orc

My mistrust of Warlocks may have been misplaced, as Jin has received the last component for breaking the curse of the lich. We have headed back into Harkan(?) to celebrate and wait our companions, Feltch and is Eagle, Carryon.

Feltch arrives while I am in the midst of a merry jig and well through a mighty jug. In my excitement I fail to properly equip myself, as do the others. Our journey into a crypt contains no potions or holy items, a fact I spend considerable time on in my daily meditation. An uneventful days’ journey brings us to the entrance of the crypt.

Outside the crypt we spot a wagon of orcs scouting the area, and make quick work of them. Having killed the orcs I feel compelled to destroy their remains. Even the worst of us deserves honor in death, and festering corpses invite disease. With luck smiling down on us we enter the Elven crypt to break Jin’s Curse.



JamesBurke TomMcDonald

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